UrbanDictionary, FormSpring Hottest Sites in February - AppScout

According to ComScore, the top three sites with the highest growth of unique visitors in February, compared to January, were UrbanDictionary.com, FormSpring.me, and InfoLinks.com. Both UrbanDictionary.com and FormSpring.me more than doubled their visitor count, with 134 percent and 124 percent growth rates, respectively.

UrbanDictionary attracted 12.566 million uniques, and FormSpring attracted 6.492 million uniques. InfoLinks attracted 15.73 million unique visitors.

It’s important to note that these represent the sites with the highest growth in the top 500 sites ComScore tracks. UrbanDictionary’s rank is 105 out of the top 500, FormSpring ranks 210, and InfoLinks is 80.